AMA-PDX September Volunteer of the Month: Jessica Rust

Jessica Rust, Communications Volunteer

1. What is your current position with the AMA and in your professional career?

“I volunteer on the communications team. You can find me live-tweeting events, writing blog posts, and helping promote AMA PDX’s Community Outreach Program. The variety of my role is a ton of fun! For my professional career, I’m a Marketing Assistant at The Portland Clinic. ”

2. How long have you been a member of the AMA?

“I started volunteering for AMA PDX in 2012. ”

3. What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the AMA?

“One of the many things I enjoy about being an AMA PDX volunteer are the great people that I meet. My fellow volunteers are super friendly and collaborative.”

4. A quick fun fact about you 🙂

“I can beat just about anyone at a game of Scattergories!”

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