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Becoming a member of AMA and AMA-PDX has the following benefits:

  • Discounts to local AMA-PDX events (on average $15 discount to all AMA-PDX events)
  • Discounts to SEMpdx and PRSA events (all AMA-PDX members can join their events at their membership prices)
  • Discounts to national AMA conferences, webinars and events
  • Access to the AMA job board
  • Expand your network and skills
  • Invest in local marketing education and excellence
  • Strengthen our Community Outreach program
  • Empower local mentors and mentees
  • Invest in your passion for the profession
  • Gain access to the most relevant knowledge, tools and resources


Professional & Academic
Available to all individuals in the field of marketing or other professionals
$240 + $65 Chapter dues = $305 (+ new member $30 application fee)

Young Professional
Available for 3 years immediately following completion of undergraduate degree
$120 + $65 = $185  (+ new member $30 application fee)

For individuals currently enrolled in a doctoral program. Limited to five years.
$120 + $65 = $185  (+ new member $30 application fee)

For undergraduate students not currently in a full-time professional position. Limited to 5 years.
$50 + $65 = $115 (+ new membership $30 application fee)

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Available for four or more individuals in the same organization or parent company.
$255 (4-9 members)
$230 (10 or more members) BEST DEAL
Includes Chapter dues


Get discounts to our events, network with the local Portland marketing opportunity, and see if the AMA-PDX is right for you with our exclusive Individual/Freelancer and Agency Sponsorship levels!

To learn more about the benefits of being an Individual/Freelancer or Agency Sponsorship, read our Sponsorship Opportunities