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As marketers, we’re also connectors. Part of our mission is to help you get connected, and stay connected, to the marketing professionals in your community!

Whether you are eager to volunteer, looking to become a member or mentor, or need more event information, please fill out the information below and we will get to you!

*Please note, AMA-PDX is a volunteer run organization. We aim to respond to your questions or concerns in a timely fashion, but response time can be up to 72 hours.

You can also contact AMA PDX directly:

PO Box 82
Portland, OR 97207
(503) 222-9204

Questions about your AMA Membership

Need assistance or have a question about your AMA membership? Your membership is managed through AMA National. Whether you need assistance using AMA.Org, have a question about AMA membership or benefits, or want to learn more about AMA products and services, the AMA Customer Care is the best place for membership support.