How to Deliver Legendary Customer Experiences

Our February luncheon was all about love… customer love, that is!

Jill Nelson, President of Ruby Receptionists, gave attendees an insightful presentation on what it takes to create outstanding customer experiences that result in customer loyalty.

The Ruby Receptionists mission statement is to create real, meaningful, personal connections in today’s increasingly technology focused virtual world. To deliver on their mission statement, the Ruby team refers to their handy Ruby Service Pyramid:

Ruby Service
More than ever, phone calls win business

One way to work towards creating loyal customers is to win them over via the phone. Mobile search is overtaking desktop search, which drives more phone calls to a business. Here are a few statistics from Jill’s presentation:

  • 70% of mobile searches result in a phone call.
  • 80% of customers said a positive phone experience is likely to make them a repeat customer.
  • 47% of mobile users say they will move on to a competitor if a business does not have a phone number present.

Make a personal connection with your customers

Think of ways you can make a personal connection with a customer or client. Listen for key insights and do small acts of kindness for them. For example, if you know your customers birthday, send a handwritten birthday card. Do you and a client have something in common? Send them a link to an article about that commonality. You may also know a customer’s favorite sports team — send them a congrats email when their team wins the big game!

Thanks to Jill for her wonderful presentation. Want to learn more about how to show your customers love? Check out this recent post on the Ruby Receptionists website.

Attend next month’s luncheon, featuring Jeff Selby, Communications Coordinator with the City of Portland. Jeff will discuss systematic racism, understanding implicit bias, and adopting an equity lens, so that we can become more inclusive marketers and discover new audiences. Learn more here.

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