Five Reasons to Enter the AMA-PDX MAX Awards

By Jennifer Davis, CMO, Leyard

Last year, I had the honor of judging the MAX awards.  There were some incredible projects submitted and yet I know that Portland marketers were responsible for many more campaigns, strategies, web sites, advertisements, and awesomeness than what was represented in the awards.

So, as the deadline for this year’s MAX Awards approaches, here are five reasons why you should enter:

  1. You can showcase your work among the best in the city
    Show your clients how much you loved their projects.  Highlight your capabilities the best possible way – with your portfolio.  Be sure to include information about the business results that came from your strategic and creative work and you are sure to attract new clients.
  2. You build a local fan base
    The AMA-PDX organization is the leading organization in the region for marketers, especially creatives.  This provides a great network for you next time you are looking for collaborators or recruiting for new employees.  Building your local reputation is good for your brand and good for your business.  And the entry fee is very small, so there isn’t any reason not to do it.
  3. You can use it to reward your employees
    There are categories for best senior and junior marketer of the year.  Why not nominate a high performer for consideration and then make it into an internal honor?  Why not submit work and then buy a table for the team who worked on the project to allow your staff to celebrate your successes of the year?
  4. It helps you market marketing within your company
    Whether you are at an agency or in-house, it is always useful for you and your team to be recognized with awards and industry recognition.  It helps you position the expertise and capabilities of your team internally, establishing marketing as a critical business function and your team as exceptional in your field.
  5. You might win
    And, as they say, if you don’t enter, you can’t win.

Submit your best work today.

Jennifer Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer at Leyard, the market leader visualization solutions company with offices in Beaverton, Oregon after their acquisition of Planar in 2015.  A sought after author, public speaker, and mentor, Jennifer served as a judge for the AMA-PDX MAX Awards in 2016, has spoken at AMA-PDX events, and has been featured in the national AMA’s Marketing News magazine.  She has a MBA from Pepperdine, a bachelor’s in business and history from Warner Pacific College, and proudly serves on the board of Marathon Scholars, a non-profit who makes the dream of a college education possible for low income students in the Portland area.

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