3 months. 4 mentors. 4 mentees. 

In the fall of 2016, we launched our unique, 3 month, mentorship program. Our mentorship program is our way of supporting our thriving local community of young professionals and experienced marketing leaders.

Young professionals, AKA mentees, get the support and access they need from experienced leaders and professionals to grow their career and skills. Experienced marketing professionals, the mentor, has the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills to up-and-coming talent in a structured way that works with their busy schedule

Mentor: A person who invests time, energy and personal know-how to
assist the growth and ability of another person.

Mentee Benefits:

  • Gain invaluable knowledge and experience to advance your career
  • Choose a mentor from a variety of industries to best suit your needs
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Challenge yourself to set higher goals, take risks and achieve at higher levels
  • Receive Individual recognition, encouragement and professional advice
  • Learn/enhance leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Gain an insider’s perspective on navigating your career
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives, experiences and resources
  • Grow your personal network

Mentee: The recipient of a mentor’s guidance. A person committed to
expanding his/her capabilities and open to new ways of learning.

Mentor Benefits:

  • Gain fresh perspective
  • Build valuable, long-lasting relationships while expanding your network
  • Support and foster the next generation, leaving your legacy
  • Contribute to your own personal and professional growth
  • Gain exposure to new/emerging talent pools
  • Gain personal satisfaction and distinction as a role model
  • Enhance your coaching, leadership, management, and recruiting skills
  • Help emerging professionals develop to their potential

Program Details:

  • Program Dates:
    • Fall: October – December
    • Winter: January – March
    • Spring: April – June
  • Cost: Free
  • Requirements:
    • Mentors must have at least 2 years continuous, professional experience

How to Apply: