March Volunteer of the Month: Victoria Wagner


AMA Volunteer of the Month - March
AMA Volunteer of the Month – March


  1. What is your role in the AMA?

“I’m on the Communications Committee and manage website content. Most recently, my primary focus has been on developing and implementing a PR plan for the Community Outreach Program.”

  2. How long have you been volunteering for the AMA?

“I’ve been volunteering with the AMA in different capacities since September of 2015. I’ve learned so much working with all of the wonderful and talented individuals on the Communications Team.”

  3. What is your favorite thing to do in Portland in your spare time?

“I love hanging out with my dog, Piglet!”

  4. What do you like best about AMA PDX?

“Being involved with AMA PDX has been instrumental to my professional development. AMA has also allowed me to build a  strong network of professional contacts and friends.”




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