Meet the Community Outreach Non Profit: ATD Cascadia Chapter

AMA PDX’s Community Outreach Program is in the midst of a busy yet successful season partnering with several inspiring nonprofit organizations, one of which is the Association for Talent Development (ATD). The ATD fosters professional growth to its members by providing world class resources to build talent and skills for various organizations worldwide. These resources comprise of trusted research, books, webcasts, events, and educational programs, out of which its yearly international gathering is most recognized and sought after by its members. Membership profiles are wide-ranging in the talent seeking field– from anyone who trains, to instructional designers, to HR managers.

The Portland chapter of the ATD has a specific edge compared to other chapters nationwide— it has a paid staff and active volunteer board with extensive programs on topics of interest. Therefore, the current biggest need of the organization was to take the Cascadia chapter to the next stage in building a strong, interactive, and robust community by working to increase membership.

While approaching AMA PDX for marketing assistance, the ATD made clear its need for methodical audience reach, membership acquisition, event promotion, as well as sponsorship and partnership increase. AMA PDX, after careful review of these requests, set out to create an effective social media plan that would address the ATD’s goals. The Community Outreach Program is enthusiastic about helping the organization grow and will be involved in all aspects of content development and promotion for ATD over the next few months. Check out ATD’s website for more information on this dynamic organization.

For more information on AMA PDX’s Community Outreach Program, click here.


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