Meet the Community Outreach Non Profit: Betties360

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Betties360 is another organization we are partnering with for the Community Outreach Program. Their mission is to inspire confidence, well-being and community in girls through action sports, outdoor adventure, and life skill education. Their afterschool programs in three different schools in north and northeast Portland focus on trust, leadership, teamwork, and risk-taking.

Betties360’s programs target girls in underserved communities. Research has found that this population is, on average, less likely to:

  • Graduate high school;
  • Have two parents at home and possess an adequate support network;
  • Meet recommended levels of physical activity;
  • And have access to or knowledge about available opportunities.

Children in these communities are also more likely to:

  • Be overweight;
  • Have behavioral issues in the classroom;
  • Participate in risk-taking behaviors;
  • And have more screen time.

Betties360’s after-school program is available at Jason Lee Elementary, Open School North, and St. Andrew Nativity School. These schools were selected because 75% or more of the students are receiving free or reduced price school lunches. Their programs allow the girls to step out of their comfort zones and take risks in a safe setting.

In addition to the once per week after-school program the girls of Betties360 get to go on a variety of field trips each year, including:

At the end of each year the girls from all three schools get together for a camping trip that builds on the skills that they have been learning all year.

Betties360 has seen many positive impacts of their programming which helps make girls more resilient and empowered to make healthy life decisions. The key impacts on their academic progress include:

  • Raised school attendance rates
  • Improved GPAs
  • Improved positive support network
  • Lower number of disciplinary incidents
  • Improved self-reported and peer-reported levels of self-confidence and self-efficacy

Betties360 came to the AMA PDX seeking assistance with audience / customer analysis, SWOT analysis, social media strategy, email strategy, donor retention strategy, event promotion, and content creation. Our team of Community Outreach volunteers is helping the organization with recommendations for corporate and community sponsor outreach, social media plan, email marketing plan, annual event marketing campaign, and website content refresh.

We look forward to seeing developments in the social media, email, and website content for Betties360. You can visit their website to learn more, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

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