Meet the Non-Profit: Disability Art and Culture Project

As part of our Community Outreach Program, we’ve partnered with the Disability Art and Culture Project (DACP). This amazing non-profit organization works to further the artistic expression of people with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities.

DACP views disability as a natural variation of the human form. They work to accomplish their mission by supporting the artistic expression of people with disabilities and develop knowledge of disability culture and pride.


Photo by Dave Coleman


Photo by Diana Powe

The organization expresses and celebrates positive disability identities through many of their art programs including:

  • Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company
  • Inclusive Arts Vibe School program
  • Dis/Representation: Evolving Disability Conversations
  • ReelAbilities Film Festival Portland
  • Disability Pride Art and Culture Festival
  • Disability Culture and Justice Leadership Institute
  • REAL: Reject Ableist Economic Limits

DACP is in the midst of exciting growth and have various goals for the year including to develop donor relationships, increase participation in events, and to create a consistent image for their community and funders.

In order to help achieve these goals, DACP came to AMA PDX in need of help with their marketing efforts. Our team of Community Outreach volunteers are working with DACP to further develop their brand identity. We’ll provide them with a new logo, redesigned website, social media strategy, and content creation plan.

We look forward to the coming months as our team of volunteers help the Disability Art and Culture Project achieve their goals! Head over to the DACP website to learn more about their wonderful organization. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Click here for more information about our Community Outreach Program which partners AMA PDX volunteers with local non-profit organizations in need of marketing assistance.

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