How to Use New Instagram and Pinterest Features

Recently, two of the most popular social networks made major new feature announcements in direct response to requests from their users.

Instagram launched web profiles.

Pinterest launched secret boards.

What does this mean for marketers?


  • An Instagram icon on your company’s homepage can now link directly to your company’s Instagram web profile, which will be
  • As the manager of your brand’s Instagram page, you can more easily respond to comments, or add your own, via the web interface.
  • Promote your Instagram homepage on your other social media channels by including your url as well as a screenshot of your web profile.


  • Tell your community about the secret boards as a service, since Pinterest intends the secret boards to be used as a way to create holiday gift lists.
  • Create boards in advance in the secret mode, then make public to roll-out publishing and promoting of boards as you see fit.
  • Use secret boards for fun in-house activities among team members.

How do you plan to use the new Instagram and Pinterest features for your company? Share with the community in the comments. 


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