Video Strategies in a Social Media Age Recap

We are pleased to have another successful Professional Development event in the books! The night included plenty of networking, great food, and an insightful discussion on video strategy.
Video Recap 1 Video Recap 2This event featured Jacob Hinmon, founder and director at Four + One Productions. Jacob is no stranger to video marketing strategies as he’s managed video and photo campaigns for brands including Schoolhouse Electric Co., Ann Saks, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Vista Capital.

The use of video in your marketing strategy can play an important role in crafting an engaging brand story, especially when wedded with social media. Below are key insights we gathered from Jacob’s presentation on the use video strategies in a social media age.

As marketers, it’s important to think about how social media content is similar to a TV show – an audience has chosen to tune in. To get the attention of your audience, you don’t need to interrupt them. What you need to do is thoughtfully engage them, otherwise they will swiftly move on to something else.

Developing engaging video stories

There are ways you can help develop your brand’s stories in a way that engages your audience. One way you can do so is to start with a thorough assessment. Your team should be asking the following questions:

  •      Where are we now?
  •      What stories are we telling now and how?
  •      What is working?
  •      Most importantly, what isn’t working?

Take the time to think about your A, B, and C stories – the key stories you want your audience to remember about you.

How to use video in social media

One way is to create small teasers for longer video. Take your larger A, B, and C stories and split them into micro videos. Audiences love a behind-the-scenes look into a brand; try a video that showcases your product being made. Another great way to incorporate video in your social media efforts is to demonstrate how your product or service is used.

Find the right partners for ideation/production

There are a few ways to find the right creative partners when developing video campaigns. One option is to choose an agency/production company. Another way is to build an in-house production team. You can also work with individual creatives or a hybrid solution that combines an agency and your in-house team.

Keep in mind that you can easily be pulled in many directions when thinking of all the opportunities for storytelling. Remember that you can’t do everything. Trying to do everything will result in doing nothing well.
Thanks to Jacob Hinmon, our talented presenter, and to everyone who attended this Professional Development event. We’d also like to give a special thanks to GRAYBOX for supporting the AMA and our mission to provide the local community with marketing education events. Visit the GRAYBOX website to learn more about the company and their current open positions. For more information on our next event, click here.

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